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Biomolecular Dynamics of Proteins with Scattering Methods

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Collection of selected articles:

Neutron Scattering Experiments: "The Protein Dynamical Transition"

Early Work before 2000

W. Doster et al.: Compressibility of lysozyme in solution by time resolved Brillouin difference spectroscopy
Biopol. 24, 15438-15443 (1985) pdf

W. Doster et al.: Thermal properties of water in myoglobin crystals and solutions at subzero temperatures
Biophys. J. (1986) pdf

Iben et al.: Glassy behaviour of a protein
Phys. Rev. Lett. (1989) pdf

J. Smith, K. Kuczera, B. Tidor, W. Doster, S. Cusack, M. Karplus :
Internal Dynamics of Globular Proteins, Comparison of Neutron Scattering Measuments and Theoretical Models Physica B (1989) pdf

W. Doster, S. Cusack and W. Petry,
Protein dynamical transition by inelastic neutron scattering, Nature 1989, pdf
Nature Hall of Fame: pdf

S. Cusack and W. Doster: Temperature Dependence of low frequency dynamics of myoglobin,
measurement of the vibrational frequency distribution of myoglobin by inelastic neutron scattering
Biophys. J. (1990) pdf

W. Doster et al.: Dynamic instability of liquid-like motions in a globular protein by inelastic neutron scattering
Phys.Rev. Lett. (1990) pdf

M. Settles, W. Doster, F. Kremer, F. Post and W. Schirmacher: Percolation approach to proton conductivity in hydrated protein powders.
Philosophical Magazine B (1992) Vol 65, No 4, 861-866 pdf

G. Kneller et al.: Methyl Group Dynamics in the Crystalline Alanine Dipeptide, a combined neutron scattering and MD simulation study
J. Chem. Phys. (1992) pdf

M. Diehl et al.: Water-coupled low frquency modes of myoglobin and lysozyme by inelastic neutron scattering
(Boson Peak versus hydration) Biophys. J. (1996) pdf

M. Settles and W. Doster: Anomalous Diffusion of Adsorbed Water, a neutron scattering study of hydrated myoglobin
Faraday Discussion 103 (1996) pdf

F. Demmel et al.: Vibrational frequency shifts as a probe of hydrogen bonds, thermal expansion and glass transition of myoglobin in mixed solvents Europ. Biophys. J. (1997) pdf

W. Doster and M. Settles, The Protein Dynamical Transition, the role of hydrogen bonds
Les Houches Lectures (1998) IOS Press pdf

H. Leyser, W. Doster and M. Diehl: Far Infrared Emission by Boson Peak Vibrations in a Globular Protein,
Phys. Rev. Lett. (1999) pdf

Lichtenegger et al.: Heme-Solvent Coupling, a Moesbauer study of myoglobin in sucrose
Biophys. J. (1999) pdf

Flash Photolysis and distributed Kinetics of Ligand Binding to Heme Proteins

W. Doster et al. Invited Talk at the High Pressure Conference in Rio de Janeiro (2013) pdf

W. Doster et al. Recombination of CO Ferrous Horse Raddish Peroxidase, Type A and C,
Observation of Molecular Tunneling J. Mol. Biol.(1987) pdf

M. Settles et al.: Solvent Damping of internal processes in myoglobin studied by specific heat spectroscopy and flash photolyis
Biophys. Chem. 43 (1992) pdf

F. Post et al.: Structural Relaxation and Nonexponential Ligand Binding to Horse Myoglobin
Multiple FlashPhotolysis Experiments Biophys. J. (1993) pdf

Th. Kleinert et al.: Solvent Composition and Viscosity Effects on the Kinetics of CO Binding to Horse Myoglobin
Biochem. (1998) pdf

Work after 2000

W. Doster
Invited talk, workshop at the FRM 2 (2016): "50 years of Neutron Backscattering", and 30 years of the Protein Dynamical Transition
discovered with the neutron back scattering instrument IN13 at the ILL in Grenoble pdf

W. Doster and M. Settles, Protein Water Displacement Distributions, Review Article in Biochim. Biophys. Acta (2005) pdf

W. Doster, Dynamic Structural Distributions of Proteins in Physica B (2006) pdf

W. Doster, Brownian oscillator analysis of molecular motions in biomolecules:
Neutron Scattering in Biology, Techniques and Applications, Springer Book, Ed. Fitter et al. (2006) pdf
W. Doster

The dynamical transition of proteins, concepts and misconceptions
European Biophysics Journal (2008) 37:591 pdf

A. Gaspar, M. S. Appavou, S. Busch, T. Unruh and W.. Doster
Dynamics of well folded and nativley disordered proteins in solution, a neutron scattering study, Eur. Bioph.J. (2008)37,573.

W. Doster, S. Busch, M.A. Appavou, J. Wuttke and H. Scheer,
The dynamical transition of protein hydration water,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 104:098101 (2010) pdf

W. Doster and Th. Gutberlet
Editorial: Protein-Water Energy Seascapes
BBA Proteins and Proteomics, Special Edition: Protein Hydration (2010)

W. Doster,
The Protein-Solvent Glass Transition,
BBA Proteins and Proteomics, Special Edition: Molecular Dynamics and Protein Hydration 1804 (2010) 3

A. Gaspar, S. Busch, M.S. Appavou, W. Häusler, Robert Georgii, Yixie Su and W. Doster
Using polarization analysis to separate the coherent from incoherent scattering from proteins
BBA Proteins and Proteomics, Special Edition: Protein Hydration, 1804(2010) 76 pdf

W. Doster: The two-step scenario of the protein dynamical transition
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 357 (2011) pp. 622-628
DOI information: 10.1016/j.jnoncrysol.2010.08.002

S. Longeville and W. Doster in "Dynamics of Softmatter, Neutron Applications" (2012) Springer,
Chapter 8: Protein Dynamics and Function

W. Doster, Comment on "puzzle of the protein dynamical transition" by Magazu et al., J. Phys. Chem. B (2012) 116, 6066

W. Doster, H. Nakagawa and M.S. Appavou, Scaling Analysis of Biomolecular Motions derived from Elastic Neutron Scattering Experiments, J.Chem. Phys. 139, 45105 (2013)
W. Doster, Are proteins dynamically heterogeneous?
Int. J. Mol. Theo. Phys.2(1): 1-14, 2018, open access, pdf

W. Doster, Protein Dynamics without Energy Landscape, a principal component model combining elastic, quasielastic and multiple neutron scattering
PNAS (2019), Preprint pdf

W. Doster, Time Domain versus energy domain analyis of protein dynamics, PNAS Letter (2019)

W. Nakagawa et al., Nanosecond structural dynamics of intrisically disordered beta-casein micelles by neutron spectroscopy, FRM2 Scientific Reports, Soft Matter 2022

W. Nakagawa et al. Dynamics of a natively disordered protein in solution and protein force constants
Biophys. J. 120, 5408 (2021) Summary

Protein Diffusion in crowded environments and blood cells

W. Nakagawa et al. Dynamics of a natively disordered protein in solution, diffusion and protein force constants
Biophys. J. 120, 5408 (2021) Summary

S. Longeville and W. Doster: Microscopic Diffusion and Hydrodynamic Interactions in Red Blood Cells
Biophys.J. (2007) pdf

S. Longeville, W. Doster and G. Cali: Myoglobin in crowded solutions, structure and diffusion
Chemical Physics (2003) pdf

S. Longeville and W. Doster in "Dynamics of Softmatter, Neutron Applications" (2012) Springer,
Chapter 8: Protein Dynamics and Function

High Pressure Effects on Structure, Dynamics and Function of Biomolecules

W. Doster et al. Invited Talk at the High Pressure Conference in Rio de Janeiro (2013) pdf

W. Doster and B. Hess, Reversible Solvent Denaturation of Rabbit Muscle Pyruvate Kinase, Biochem. (1981)
Folding Unfolding of a tetrameric ennzyme by Dynamic Light Scattering and Fluorescence Spectroscopy pdf

W. Doster and S. Friedrich, Pressure Temperature Phase Diagrams of Proteins, in Springer Protein Foldung Handbook 2004 pdf

R. Gebhardt, N. Takeda, U. Kulozik and W. Doster
Structure and stabilizing interactions in casein micelles probed by
high pressure light scattering and FTIR, J.Phys.Chem. B (2011) 115:2349-2359.

M.S. Appavou et al.: Pressure effects on the global and internal dynamics of hemoglobin by neutron scattering
Europ.Biophys.J. (2011) 40: 705-714 pdf

P. Braun et al. High pressure near infrared study of the mutated light harvesting complex LH2
Brasilian J. of Med. and Biol. Research (2005) pdf

R. Gehardt et al. Eur. Biophys.J (2006)
Size distribution of pressure decomposed casein micelles, Light scattering and AFM pdf

W. Doster and R. Gehardt, Chem. Physics (2002) High pressure unfolding of myoglobin studied by neutron scatttering pdf

K.V. Kilimann et al., BBA (2006) Protection by sucrose of heat induced injury of Lactoccocus lactis, an FTIR study pdf

W. Doster Why protein phase diagrams are not related to protein conformational disorder,
PNAS (2008) published online. pdf

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