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The Principal Component Modelling Project: hydrated proteins

Protein dynamics without energy landscape: a rotation-translation model combining elastic, time domain and multiple neutron scattering
by W. Doster

PNAS (Preprint)

The beta-casein dynamics project: dynamics of disordered proteins in solution

Nanosecond structural dynamics of instrinsically disordered proteins in solution by neutron spectroscopy, the case of beta -casein

by W. Doster et al
Biophys.J. (Preprint)

high pressure analyis of caseins by dynamic light scattering and FTIR

Some basic papers by W. Doster and collaborators

Comment to G. Kneller's quantum mechanical justification of energy landscape models, PNAS 2019 PDF

Elastic Resolution Spectroscopy, W. Doster, M.S. Appavou and H. Nakagawa, JCP 2013 PDF

Protein Dynamics and Function, 2010, S. Longeville and W.Doster, Soft Matter PDF

Dynamical transition of myoglogin revealed by inelastic neutron scattering by W. Doster et al. Nature 1989 PDF

Solvent composition and viscosity effects on the multi-step kinetics of ligand binding to horse myoglobin, Kleinert et al. Biochem. 37, 717(1998) PDF

Harmonic oscillator analysis of protein motions, Neutron Scattering in Biology, Techniques and Applications Springer, 2006 PDF

Molceular Tunnelling of CO-binding to horse raddish peroxidase, Doster et al. J. Mol. Biol. 194, 299 (1987) PDf

Glass Transition of Hydration Water in Proteins, Resolution effects 1985 PDF
Low frequency dynamics of myoglobin, temperature dependence 1990 PDF
Anomalous diffusion of adsorbed water, a neutron scattering study of hydrated myoglobin, 1996 PDF
Heme solvent coupling, a Mössbauer study of myoglobin in sucrose, 1999 PDF
Protein-Water Displacement Distributions, 2005 PDF
Dynamic Structural Distributions of Proteins, 2005 PDF

Dynamics of well folded and disordered proteins, 2008 PDF
Concepts and misconceptions of the protein dynamical transition, 2008 PDF
Protein Dynamical Transition and Hydration water, 2010 PDF
Polarization Analysis of Proteins, coherent and incoherent scattering, 2010 PDF

Physical background of protein dynamics and neutron scattering

New: Quasi-elastic Neutron Scattering
Lecture Notes of the 50th IFF Spring School “Scattering! Soft, Functional and Quantum Materials”
by Joachim Wuttke (2019).

On Masters and Slaves, Solvent Control of Protein Motion and Function, Les Houches Lecture 2013 PDF

What is a glass transition? PDF

What is a protein dynamical transition? PDF
new definition 2013 PDF
list of early Doster papers

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